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Used Raymond Mill

Used Raymond Mill

The second-hand Raymond mill is a far cry from the car. The so-called second-hand Raymond mill is a device that has been used by others for some time, or is a refurbished device, or a product that has been closed down by the manufacturer. Many manufacturers are blindly searching for cheap. On the Internet or locally purchased second-hand lightning mill, Raymond mill works according to the principle that the main body of Raymond mill drives the central shaft through the transmission. The top end of the shaft is connected with the Raymond mill plum blossom frame. The frame is equipped with a grinding roller device and forms a swinging pointing finger. The grinding roller generates autobiography due to friction, and not only rotates around the center, but also revolves around the grinding ring. The lower end of the grinding roller under the plum blossom frame is equipped with a blade system, the blade and the blade During the simultaneous rotation of the grinding roller, the material is fed between the grinding roller grinding rings, thereby forming a cushion layer, and then subjected to the centrifugal action generated by the rotation of the grinding roller to crush the material to achieve the purpose of milling.

Raymond Mill Processing Industrial Waste

With the rapid development of industry, Raymond Mill's technology is also constantly innovating and breaking through. Nowadays, there are more and more industrial wastes occurring in China every year. Can it be used to process industrial waste? This is a question for many people. The answer is: yes. After the industrial waste residue is processed by Raymond mill, it can be used for the production of concrete, which brings high economic value to users. And Raymond Mill is able to process these industrial wastes, and we have many users who use Raymond to process the waste residue, which works very well. Industrial waste used for concrete production, the fineness does not need to be too high, usually 100 mesh is almost the same, and the processing range of Raymond mill is between 80-325 mesh, which can be fully satisfied, and there is no need to worry about the output value.

Raymond Mill Dust Removal

In the process line of processing gypsum powder by Raymond mill grinding, usually the powder fineness requirement is general, the Raymond machine will be used as the main equipment of the milling system, then the Raymond machine in the process of processing the gypsum powder Dust removal? This problem is very good. We must know that environmental protection has now risen to the stage of everyone's maintenance. In the powder processing plant, the problem of powder discharge is very important. On the one hand, it affects the workers who operate the equipment, on the other hand, it is on the periphery. The environment has an impact, so dust removal must be done. Then, what kind of dust collector should be used to process the gypsum powder using Raymond machine? This can be determined from the nature and fineness of the powder. The fineness of the gypsum powder processed by Raymond machine is in the range of 80 mesh to 325 mesh, and the fine powder can not be processed. The dust can be removed by using a general bag filter.