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Ultrafine Mill Development Prospects

Ultrafine Mill Development Prospects

Grinding process is divided into closed and open two, the practice has proved that the advantages of open circuit grinding system is simple operation, the material is finished after the finished product. However, it should be noted that the material in the mill flow rate is slow, long residence time, it is likely to cause excessive grinding of materials, the finished product size is its disadvantage. Therefore, we advocate and promote the use of closed-circuit grinding system, SCM ultrafine mill added a powder equipment, through the timely grinding of the fine powder has been discharged, so as to effectively avoid the open circuit grinding system problems.

Select The Ultrafine Mill Model Specifications

In this case, when the ore grinding is better, and the required product size -200 mesh accounted for less than 60%, you can choose the lattice-type ore ultrafine mill; the second, when the user selected ore grinding poor , And the required product size -200 mesh accounted for more than 60%, a grinding can choose lattice-type ore ultrafine mill, the second stage of the choice of overflow ore superfine grinding. And the size of ultra-fine ore ore according to the size of production requirements to buy. Consider the product moisture content requirements of the beneficiation process. First, when the requirements of grinding products for dry products, that is, when the ore moisture content is low, you can choose dry ore ultrafine mill; the second is when the water content of grinding products is low or no requirement, the general proposal Wet ore ultrafine mill, because this type of high efficiency, not easy to plug. Consider energy consumption and steel consumption cost factors. The first is energy consumption, ore superfine grinding energy consumption is very large, in the choice of ultrafine mill model specifications, it must be taken into account. In general, the large size of the ultrafine mill energy consumption is greater, the cost is higher; talk about steel consumption, it said that the amount of steel per ton of ore required to deal with the cost of grinding, it is a large cost of grinding costs , So the user in the choice of ore ultrafine mill model specifications should also be included in the scope of consideration, because with their own investment funds and so on.

At the same time, the speed of the material in the closed circuit is accelerated, and the grinding body of each bin is properly crushed or pulverized, so the capacity of the equipment can be increased by 40%. Users to us to reflect, SCM ultrafine mill replaced the ball mill, the cement production line from the original 20t / h increased to 27t / h, grinding power consumption from 52.8kwt / h reduced to 42.3kwt / h, from the production efficiency , Power consumption contrast point of view, a large increase in the economic efficiency of enterprises.

Ultrafine Mill Development Prospects

Ultrafine mill the future of the three major factors. Ultrafine grinding as the main equipment of the powder industry, with the rapid development of modern industry, ultrafine mill technology in high-tech research and development will play an increasingly important role. Ultra-fine grinding of the development prospects of unlimited, which is mainly supported by the national policy, the rapid development of industrial and ultrafine mill equipment, their own technological innovation three major factors. Our ultrafine mill brush new powder industry a new chapter.