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PF series Impact Crusher

PF series Impact Crusher

PF Series Impact Crusher Introduction

PF series impact crusher can crush materials by impact. The rotor is rotated at high speed under the drive of the motor, and the material from the feed inlet and the plate hammer on the rotor are hit, and the high-speed impact of the plate hammer is broken. The crushed material is then pushed back to the lining and broken again; Discharge from discharging port.

The main components of the impact crusher consist of a rear box body, a counter lining board, a counter-attack frame, a lining board, a feed port, a base, a board hammer and a rotor. The counterattacking lining board is installed on the counterattack frame, and the two are connected together on the machine body. From the side, the counterattacking lining board is installed on the upper side of the rotor to ensure that the material can counterattack the counterattack lining board after the impact of the rotor. The hammer is mounted on the rotor. As the rotor rotates, the material enters the crusher cavity and the plate hammer impacts on the rotor and then breaks and rebounds to the counterattack. The rotation of the rotor is a straight rotation, which is a straight type. The horizontal axis can make full contact with the material and counterattack and crush. The liner is mounted on the side of the body to form the inner wall of the crushing chamber. The rotor is a system. The rotor system is connected to the motor through a sheave on the outside of the machine to transfer kinetic energy.

PF impact crusher working principle

The crushing principle of impact breaking is impact energy crushing. In operation, the motor is connected with the sheave of the machine through the belt, the sheave is connected with the rotor, the motor converts the electrical energy into kinetic energy to drive the rotation of the rotor; the material enters the machine from the feed inlet and breaks In the cavity, firstly impact with the plate hammer on the high-speed rotating rotor, the impacted material is crushed and is counterattacked to the counterattacking plate for a second impact crushing, so that the material is broken into the required discharge size and then discharged from the material. I discharge. There is a certain distance between the impact lining plate and the rotor and the plate hammer. The adjustment of the distance between the impact lining plate and the rotor and the plate hammer can adjust the discharge particle size of the discharge port.

The crushing principle of the PF series impact crusher is the common principle of the general crusher. The word "counterattack" in the impact refers to the collision of the material between the rotor, the plate hammer and the impact, crushing and rebound to the rotor. , hammer or impact on the lining board. The impact crusher is different from the broken or conical crusher. The crusher's body is affected by the rock's impact force (in the same quality), because in the impact, the crushing of the material is impacted by the material with kinetic energy. Parts, the kinetic energy of the impact of the material than the crushing, bending and other materials crushing force is greater, so in general, under the same circumstances, impact wear wear will be more Faster, of course, the wear and tear of a worn-out wear part is also related to its material, and the wear of a hard, wear-resistant part will be slower.