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Large-scale Sand Making Machine Production Line

Large-scale Sand Making Machine Production Line

Cement Clinker Powder Production Equipment in Cement Plant

In everyone's understanding, the coarse crushing equipment in the machine-made Sand Making Machine production line mostly choose jaw crushers, small-scale mines sometimes use crusher crushers, and the medium and fine crushing processes mainly use cone crushers and vertical shaft crushers to achieve the fine crushing of ore. Or plastic surgery. However, at present, more and more large-scale sand making machine and gravel production lines are beginning to choose the gyratory crusher to make rough-breaking equipment, such as the coarse crushing of large-scale hydropower plants in China. why? Through the following comparison of the eight aspects of the gyratory crusher and the jaw crusher, it will be clear.

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Production Capacity And Energy Consumption

  1. From the crushing principle, the gyratory crusher is continuously broken, with high productivity, stable operation, and low energy consumption. The jaw crusher is discontinuous and intermittent crushing. The productivity is low and the energy consumption is high; For the mine, the processing efficiency is higher; the crusher ratio of the gyratory crusher can reach 6-9.5, and the individual condition is 13.5. It is suitable for use in factories with large production volumes and the material collection field. Concentrators and quarries often use smashing as the first coarse crushing.
  2. In general, the single-cycle capacity of the gyratory crusher is larger than the jaw crusher, and the average energy consumption of the medium-sized gyratory crusher is much lower than that of the large and medium jaw crusher. This is also the main reason why many large-scale machine-made sand making machine production lines use gyrations.

The Finished Product Granularity

  1. The gyratory crusher has a relatively uniform particle size and is suitable for crushing sheet materials. Jaw crusher's product granularity is not as good as the gyratory crusher;
  2. In the finished product particle size composition, the particle size of the material that exceeds the width of the discharge port after crushing by the crusher is smaller than that of the jaw crusher, the quantity is also small, and the particle size is relatively uniform.

Wear Parts Life

The gyratory crusher adopts the principle of laminating and crushing between materials, and has a longer service life than wear parts of jaw crushers. Jaw crusher mainly adopts the principle of impact crushing and crushing. The discharge is mostly flat, sharp or triangular needle-shaped particles, the content of which exceeds 20%, and the jaw plate wears quickly.

Production Costs

Compared with Jaw Crusher, the rotary breaker equipment is tall, complicated in structure, high in price, and difficult to maintain, but in the coarse crushing process, the cycle reduction can reduce staffing by 50%, 30% maintenance fee, and 15%. Energy consumption simplifies the on-site management; in the medium and fine crushing process, recycling can save 20% maintenance fees and 5% energy consumption. In actual production, the annual cost savings can be about 15%, and the economic benefits are significant.

The Feeder Configuration

The smashing as a rough-breaking device requires that the feeder be configured in advance, and for the torrefaction, it can be filled with ore, and the original material can be directly poured into the material inlet from the transportation tool without setting the feeder, simplifying the process and reducing cost.

The Cost Of Mining

  1. The mining process mainly uses deep-hole blasting technology, in which the drilling process uses a down-hole drilling machine. After blasting, large blocks of stone must be impacted to meet the crusher feed requirements.
  2. The feed size of the jaw crusher is small, which results in a higher density of blasting holes and a greater consumption of explosives. After the blasting, there are more large blocks of stone with a size of more than 900 mm, and the impact crushing workload is large.

Operation And Maintenance

Jaw crusher has the advantages of simple structure, low manufacturing cost, convenient maintenance and inspection, reliable work, small machine height, etc. It is a large volume, heavy machine, inconvenient handling, operation and maintenance is also complicated. However, with the development of technology and economy, large-scale sand making machine production line equipment is equipped with a unified intelligent management system that can automatically detect failures.

Environmental Protection

In contrast, jaw crushers have a large amount of dust emission, and are scattered and difficult to close, resulting in poor working conditions and environmental pollution.

Crude crushing process is one of the key links affecting the technical upgrading of the mechanism sand producer. Compared with the jaw crusher, although the gyratory crusher has a complex structure, a large body size, and high initial investment, it has obvious technical and economic advantages from the perspective of large-scale production efficiency and long-term operation cost. Large-scale mechanism gravel plant The use of circulatory cracking can also effectively improve the mining and coarse crushing technology and reduce the overall production cost.

However, it does not mean that it is more advantageous to choose any cycle. If the two models can meet the requirements from the aspects of supply, discharge granularity and exit rate, they can be broken according to the medium and fine crushing used in the process. Machine, investment, infrastructure, and other measures to determine. According to experience, if a jaw crusher satisfies the production requirements when selecting a type, it is smashed. If two smashing crushers are required, one gyratory crusher should be considered. If the viscous material is handled, smashing is more applicable. In actual production, the user needs to select equipment according to specific production conditions.