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Application Of Dolomite Mill

Application Of Dolomite Mill

Application of Magnesia in Dolomite Milling Machine in Industry

Magnesium oxide is an oxide of magnesium, an ionic compound. It is a white solid at room temperature. Magnesium oxide exists in the form of periclase in nature and is a raw material for magnesium smelting. White fine powder. Odorless. Due to different preparation methods, there are light weight and heavy quality.

The dolomite crystal belongs to the trigonal carbonate mineral 1 . The chemical composition is CaMgCO32. There are often iron, manganese and other similar materials like the dolomite dolomite for magnesium. When the number of iron or manganese atoms exceeds magnesium, it is called iron dolomite or manganese dolomite. Trigonal crystal system, the crystal is rhombohedral, the crystal face is often bent into a saddle shape, and the polycrystalline twin crystal is common. The aggregates are usually granular. Pure to white; gray when iron; brown after weathering. Glass luster. Slowly foaming in case of cold dilute hydrochloric acid. It is the main mineral that makes up the dolomite. Dolomite, which is caused by marine sedimentation, is often produced in layers with the siderite and limestone layers. In lake sediments, dolomite is symbiotic with gypsum, anhydrite, stone salt, potash salt and the like.

Processing magnesium oxide with our dolomite mill is mainly used in the manufacture of ceramics, enamels, refractory materials, etc.; as a filler in the manufacture of polishing agents, adhesives and paints; in rayon, rubber (neoprene) , fluororubber) as a promoter and catalyst; widely used in medicine and food; in the building materials industry, magnesium oxide can produce magnesium-containing special cement and insulation board; in the chemical industry for the production of magnesium and magnesium Chemicals; used in environmental protection for water treatment and flue gas desulfurization; in addition, it is widely used in glass, dyes, cables, metallurgy, electronics, electrical, insulating materials, petroleum additives, casting, phenolic plastics and other industries.

The dolomite superfine grinding machine we produce is highly efficient, energy-saving, environmentally clean, safe and reliable, wearing parts with high wear resistance, high output and high fineness.