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Small Cement Grinding Plant

Small Cement Grinding Plant

Cement mill is an indispensable cement grinding equipment in cement preparation and production. There are many manufacturers of small cement grinding equipment on the market at present. The cement grinding models given by different manufacturers are definitely similar, so here is the same. For example, a cement mill manufacturer with a relatively complete cement mill model is given as a brief introduction.

Main equipment for small cement grinding process

The cement grinding process we designed mainly consists of roller presses, classifiers, high-efficiency classifiers, cement mills and other equipment. Among them, the roller press and the cement mill are grinding equipment, which mainly grinds large particle materials to achieve the target particle size; the classifier is used to classify the coarse and fine materials, the coarse materials continue to be ground, and the fine materials meet the requirements. Enter the next process; the powder separator is used to collect the powder, and the qualified powder is packaged and shipped.

Cement Grinding Plant Process

1. Ingredients: The shipping clinker is transported into the clinker tent warehouse after being discharged into the terminal belt conveyor by the dock crane. After being discharged from the bottom of the tent, it is transported to the clinker ingredient warehouse. The gypsum and slag are transferred from the loader to the crusher and then lifted into the gypsum and slag storage by the hoist.

2. Weighing, mixing, and cake: After the ingredients at the bottom of the library, the belt conveyor is sent to the mill to stabilize the flow in the weighing chamber, and a separator is placed on the conveyor. The material is mixed and stabilized in a steady flow weighing chamber, and then uniformly fed into the roller press in the form of a column. After the material passes through the high pressure, the physical structure is destroyed, and the cake is formed and lifted by the hoist to the classifier.



3. Grading: The classifier breaks up the cake and classifies the fine powder of less than 6mm and the coarse powder of more than 6mm. The coarse powder is returned to the roller press to stabilize the weighing chamber, re-extruded, and the fine powder is fed into the small cement mill. The fly ash is metered by the cutter scale and then passed through the chute into the hoist, and directly fed into the cement mill through the chute and the feed chute.

4. Grinding: The cement mill grinds the material and enters the classifier. After the powder is selected, the fine powder is sent to the cement storage by the air conveying chute and the hoist, and the coarse powder is returned to the cement mill for further grinding. A part of the cement discharged from the warehouse is controlled by the fluidized bottom discharger, and then sent to the packaging machine room by the air conveying chute and the lifting machine for packaging, and the other part is sent to the bulk machine by the air conveying chute.

The above cement grinding process is designed and manufactured by our factory. After production practice and process parameters optimization, the system achieves stable production and high production. The next step will be adjusted through continuous production practice and theoretical adjustment to improve the system operation quality. Different types of cement mills have different market price positions, and what is the price of field cement mills? Users can consult online customer service for free.