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Hydraulic Loading System For Grinding Mill

Hydraulic Loading System For Grinding Mill

Brief introduction of hydraulic loading system of disc roller grinding mill

Summary of contents: The roller-type grinding mill is a new type of grinding mill. Because it is equipped with a new hydraulic loading system, it has higher practicability and economy than traditional mills. A brief analysis of its hydraulic loading system and its advantages will be made.

For the hydraulic loading system of the grinding mill, this article will briefly introduce the relative advantages of the traditional mill and its working principle.

1. The comparative advantage of the hydraulic loading system of the disc roller type grinding mill

The new type of grinding mill is mainly used for the processing of fine powder and ultra-fine powder. In the actual working process, due to the uneven grain size of the feed, the entry of abnormal hard particles often occurs, which will cause different degrees to the mill. Impact vibration and wear, in addition, will also have many adverse effects, such as poor particle morphology, increased energy consumption, reduced production, shortened life of important components, increased environmental noise, and serious downtime. The coil-type grinding mill produced by Shibang Industrial uses hydraulic loading system as the power source. The advantages are that the loading device is simple, the loading force is large, the adjustment is convenient and flexible, and the controllability is strong. In addition, after the hydraulic loading system is adjusted, The grinding mill can make the working process smooth, the vibration is small, the fineness of the abrasive grains is good, and the whole machine has a long service life.

2. Working principle of hydraulic loading system of grinding mill

The working principle of the grinding mill hydraulic loading system is shown in the figure above. When the grinding mill is started, the oil pump supplies oil to the accumulator and the hydraulic cylinder through the check valve and the reversing valve. When the oil pressure of the hydraulic loading system of the mill reaches the pressure relay setting value, the pressure relay will send a signal, the hydraulic pump will be powered off, stop working, and the hydraulic system circuit will be in a constant pressure state. The leakage in the circuit is compensated by the accumulator. When the leakage causes the oil pressure in the circuit to be less than the set value, the oil pump is supplied through the pressure relay. When working, the circuit is mainly in a holding state. At this time, the pressure outputted by the piston rod is provided by the rocker arm and the grinding roller transmission mechanism to provide a continuous and stable pressing force for the mill.