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Grinding Mill Sensor

Grinding Mill Sensor

Introduction to grinding mill sensor

Summary of contents: The feeding system of the grinding mill is also an important part of the milling machine, and the amount of feeding is determined and controlled by the level sensor. The material in the feeding barrel of the high-pressure suspension roller mill The position sensor is commonly used in two types: mechanical gravity type level sensor and electric level level sensor. This article will briefly introduce it.

1. Mechanical gravity type level sensor

The mechanical gravity type level sensor of the grinding mill has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and convenient adjustment. The working principle is that after the branch valve acquires the material level signal, the mechanical lever transmits the position signal to the pneumatic through the pneumatic valve. The servo system performs the opening gate size, the switch feed roller, and the control roller's clutch opening operation through the working cylinders of the system, but the stability and reliability of the sensor are not ideal.

2. Electric level sensor

The electric level sensor of the grinding mill mainly adopts two types of capacitor type and photoelectric type. The dielectric constant of the material of the capacitive sensor has a great influence on the accuracy of the sensor, due to the nature of the material, such as quality and abrasive material. The temperature and the moisture content of the abrasive material, as well as the way of processing the material of the mill, the dielectric constant of the material to be tested will change to some extent. The sensor must be calibrated by automatic circuit compensation. Therefore, the cost of such sensors and circuits is relatively high.

When the electric level sensor of the grinding mill machine is working, the material level signal is obtained by the electric sensor, the changed material level signal is obtained by the feeding control system, and the feeding mechanism of the mill driven by the frequency converter is controlled by the conversion control circuit. The motor is driven to realize the feed speed control of the feed roller and the clutching of the grinding roller. The clutch is electrically and pneumatic.