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The Development Trend Of Raymond Mill

The Development Trend Of Raymond Mill

With the forthcoming introduction of the new energy revitalization plan and the adjustment of related development goals, the total investment in the new energy field will exceed 3 trillion yuan. In the current environment, the demand for energy in economic development is more urgent than ever, and the climax of mine construction caused by these demands and the “hot” of the grinding equipment market are particularly eye-catching. China's greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 60%, and the emission of sulfur dioxide in the flue gas of coal-fired industries such as power plants and steel mills plays a key role.

According to the hardness of the processed material and the fineness of the discharged material and the final output, the mill can be divided into the types of mills such as Raymond mill, high pressure suspension roller mill, high pressure micro powder mill, and vertical mill. We have many years of experience in grinding machine production, no matter the equipment is updated, the technology is continuously improved, and a series of new mills have been developed to save energy and protect the environment, especially in line with national policies on energy conservation and emission reduction, especially in recent years. Flue gas desulfurization application field plays a very important role. It can grind qualified limestone, gypsum and white ash powder into industrial dust removal and desulfurization powder with certain fineness, so that the harmful gas of the original power plant can pass through and mix with this desulfurization powder. Therefore, the harmful gas sulphur dioxide in the power plant flue gas is turned into an available industrial by-product calcium sulphate, which aims to reduce waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The mill is an important equipment for industrial raw materials and energy production. Its efficiency will become an important part of saving resources and energy. Today's mining machinery mill industry has gone through the extensive cost of relying on low labor and sacing the environment. In the development stage, in line with the development trend of the international low-carbon economy, the rapid development of the industrial milling industry market and the increasing demand for energy utilization, environmental protection and consumption reduction by the state, industrial milling equipment with high technical content will usher in an opportunity for development.

We work closely with many universities and research institutes, and we are manufacturing with precision and advancing with the times. After years of research and development, we have designed and developed a large number of crushing and grinding equipment with advanced technology. Milling machine products are used for grinding, crushing and sieving limestone and white ash in thermal power and enterprise steel desulfurization.

After the launch of the Raymond mill, we catered to the new concept of national energy conservation and emission reduction. The R&D department has redoubled efforts to introduce an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving mill. The unique design is fully considered for users, especially in line with the national policy on energy conservation and emission reduction.