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HPT Cone Crusher

HPT Cone Crusher

ZENITH HPT multiple cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, which incorporates the latest global crushing technologies with high efficiency and easy operation, are the pacemaker in China's hydraulic cone crushers for the excellent operating performance and positive customer feedback. It efficiently fulfills various crushing demands, such as: large capacities, first-class cubicity, low operating and maintenance cost, full process adaptability, etc.

Product advantages

  • The unique structure with a fixed main shaft and an eccentric bushing rotating around the shaft and the optimized transmission parts and internal structure design allow bigger bearing capacity, higher installed power, smaller floor space and lower noise.
  • The whole operating system adopts full hydraulic control. From safety, cavity clearing to adjustment and locking, hydraulic manipulation guarantees the stability, convenience and reliability of the operation, greatly reducing the downtime. Full-automatic operation is achieved at the same time, lowering the labor costs.
  • HPT series multiple cylinder hydraulic cone crushers are equipped with integrated hydraulic lubrication system and centralized automatic control system, decreasing the input cost of hydraulic lubrication. And the two systems can monitor the operating state in real time, ensuring that the equipment can run safely and stably.

Repair method

  1. Check the functioning of the internal crusher should not have abnormal percussion. Special circumstances should be immediately stopped. Feed size must not be greater than 0.8 times the mine mouth, crushing cone of discharge chute and the lower ore not to be blocked, otherwise the ore will be crushed ore into the eccentric sleeve cone lift to go, resulting in failure;
  2. Note that the pump is running, always check around the oil flow indicator, oil temperature and oil pressure indicators and so on. After the temperature of the oil cooler should not exceed 45-53 ℃, back to the oil temperature should not exceed 60 ℃, and the upper suspension time to oil;
  3. pay attention to check the tightness of the triangle belt, available under the thumb pressing the V-belt tension measurement under pressure if not more than 1.5 cm, the tightness of fit (measured must stop before driving or after). Check for breakage, and do not pay attention to the V-belt stained with oil;